Vancouver Crashes

Where do most crashes in Vancouver happen?

Paradise (Lost?)

The development of the proposed Garibaldi at Squamish ski resort at Paradise Valley threatens sensitive wildlife habitats.

Missed the Mark

Worst polling error since 1980?

A Tale of Two Cities

Many Canadians think it’s much cheaper to rent in Montreal compared to Vancouver. But is it really?

COVID19 Trajectory In Canada

John Burn-Murdoch from Financial Times has been publishing daily case and mortality trajectory maps for COVID-19.

Acceleration of COVID-19 Cases

We can visualize how an epidemic is growing in different countries by plotting the number of new cases on a map. However, we might also be interested in the second derivative, or how fast the number of new cases itself is growing. I am not sure if there is a common name out there for such a metric, but for the purpose of this blog post let’s call it acceleration.

Student Vote 2019

On generational gap and the 2019 federal election results

Burden of COPD

What does an ageing population mean for the future burden of COPD in Canada?

Better poster

Posters don’t have to be boring.

Table 1 reimagined

Time to reimagine Table 1

asthma map

Uncontrolled asthma is a major cause of human and financial burden in the US.

COPD exacerbations

3D plot showing number and severity of predicted lung attacks.